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About EmmaName: Emma
Former Names: Tenille Tayla
Real Name: Tenille Dashwood
Age: 26
Birth Date: March 1st, 1989
Height: 5ft 5in
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Trained by: Lance Storm
Currently Signed With: WWE/NXT
Bio: Emma has made waves on the indie scene since 2008 including stints for ECCW and womens only promotion Shimmer Wrestling. Carving out a name for herself in womens wrestling she's worked through Australia and Canada extensively. She is signed with the WWE and has recently returned to WWE's developmental brand (NXT) to reshape her character, dubbing herself as #EvilEmma or the #RealEMMA! While it remains to be seen on what the future holds for Emma, one thing's for sure: the #EMMAlution is here to stay!
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We join Emma and Layla mid-entrance, coming face to face with Naomi and Tamina, who are already in the ring. Emma and Naomi start things off as Jimmy talks about supporting his wife in anything and everything. Naomi sends Emma across the ring.

Both Divas square off again, Emma taking control with a side headlock. Naomi takes back control by grabbing a fistful of Emma’s hair and pulling her into a side headlock of her own. Emma shoves Naomi off into the ropes, but is knocked straight down by Naomi on the return. Naomi does a little celebratory dance before running the ropes. She tries to leap over Emma, but is tripped up.

Emma takes down Naomi with a few clotheslines before tossing her into the corner and locking in the DilEmma. When she’s forced to break the hold, she shoves Naomi away and plants her with a dropkick to the chest. She tries to go for a pin, but Naomi rolls away and out of the ring.

Tamina goes to check on Naomi as Emma tags in Layla. The referee, distracted by Naomi and Tamina, doesn’t see this, so the babyface duo then takes out the heels with tandem baseball slides. With the referee again paying attention, Emma tags in Layla.

Layla patiently waits for Naomi to reenter the ring, getting the fans started with a clap chant. Naomi climbs back in and immediately takes control, kicking Layla in the midsection and delivering some rough forearms. She tosses Layla into the corner, kicks her a few times and tags in Tamina.

Tamina whips Layla into the ropes, but her subsequent arm drag is reversed into a pin by Layla. Tamina kicks out and is quick to get back on her feet, but Layla keeps her at bay with a series of kicks. Tamina stops the onslaught with a punch to the stomach and whips Layla into the corner. Layla catches herself and stops Tamina’s charge with a kick, leaping onto the second rope and catapulting herself backwards with a crossbody. She goes for the pin, but Tamina kicks out after the one-count.

Layla tries to whip Tamina into the ropes, but Tamina merely pulls back, hoisting her up onto her shoulders. She takes down Layla with a Samoan drop. Layla rolls – unwisely – right to Naomi’s feet. Tamina pulls her up and sends her into the corner before tagging Naomi back in. Naomi runs the ropes and charges towards the seated Layla, blasting her backwards with a low clothesline. She covers Layla, who kicks out at two.

Naomi captures Layla in a front facelock as the crowd starts to get behind her. Layla, determined to get to her corner, starts to battle back, but when she frees herself and tries to run the ropes, Naomi stops her with a blow to the chest. Naomi catches Layla in a full nelson and plants her down, right on her tailbone. She goes for another pin, this time by simply stepping on Layla. Layla kicks out, but Naomi’s not too concerned. She tags in Tamina.

Tamina hits a body slam on Layla and, satisfied with the damage it did, goes for another. However, Layla slips out of her grip and dives through her legs, valiantly trying to make it to her corner to tag in Emma. Tamina stops her, though, hitting a double axehandle on her back. She drags Layla towards the center of the ring, but Layla kicks her away and tries to regain the ground she lost. Tamina’s back on her, though, and drags her towards her corner, tagging on Naomi.

Layla starts to crawl towards her corner, so Naomi simply takes out her destination, knocking Emma off the ring apron. Naomi grabs hold of Layla as Emma enters the ring, drawing the referee’s attention. Tamina slips into the ring and clocks Layla with a superkick. Naomi claims the spoils, covering Layla just as the referee turns back around. He counts the pin, awarding the victory to Naomi and Tamina.

Naomi and Tamina celebrate their win as Emma checks on Layla. Naomi concurs with her theme music, saying “I’m amazing!”

(Credit: Diva Dirt)

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They lock up and Emma with a wrist lock. Layla with a reversal but Emma swats the arm away. They lock up and Layla with a side head lock and take down. Emma with punches to the midsection but Layla with a take down and she gets a near fall. Emma with a rollup for a near fall.

Emma with a kick and Irish whip but Layla moves out of the way and she gets a near fall with a rollup. Layla with a wrist lock and she works on the elbow and shoulder. Emma rolls through and she forces Layla to the mat and she kicks Layla to get away. Layla with a forearm after playing possum. Layla with a boot to the back and she punches Emma in the back of the head.

Layla goes to the turnbuckles and applies a head scissors in the ropes. Layla trips Emma from the floor and she hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. Layla sends Emma to the mat and Layla with a reverse chin lock. Emma with punches and she backs Layla into the turnbuckles. Emma with a snap mare and she blocks a kick. Emma with a clothesline or two.

Layla with an Irish whip but Emma with an elbow and she sends Layla into the turnbuckles and she applies the DilEmma. Emma kicks Layla in the back and hits a running drop kick to the temple for a near fall. Layla with a double thrust and she misses a round kick but does not miss with a back heel kick and she hits the Lay Out for the three count.

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Summer Rae is out first before it cuts to a brief commercial break. During the break, a promo for Marine 4 plays (which I assume it was played on the titantron as well) and the screen cuts back to Summer Rae, gloating to her opponent, Emma, who didn’t have an entrance shown this week, about the trailer that was just shown. Emma isn’t impressed at all. The bell rings and the match begins, both competitors starting off with a tie up. The two Divas wind up against the ropes before the referee breaks it up. Resurfacing back towards the central part of the ring, Summer and Emma tie up once again, only Emma garners the upper-hand and gets Summer locked in a headlock followed by a take down.

The Australian Diva tries to keep Summer on the mat in the headlock, but Summer manages to get up and use her elbow to strike Emma’s cheek, causing Emma to stagger backwards. Summer gloats a little too long because Emma then tackles Summer to the ground and proceeds to punch Summer over and over again until Summer scoots away and rolls out of the ring for a breather. Summer goes to roll back in the ring and as Emma approaches her, Summer tries to roll back out of the ring but Emma drags Summer by the roots of her hair and forces her back into the ring. Summer hits Emma with another elbow, Emma bounces off the ropes and hits a crossbody. Emma goes to the corner which Summer runs towards it, Emma then hits Summer with the dilEMMA followed by the EMMA-mite sandwich. She goes for it again – it seems – but Summer strikes Emma in the midsection with the sole of her boot.

Summer goes for a cover but the Australian diva kicks out. Frustrated, Summer kicks Emma a few times and puts Emma in a hold for a while, but Emma refuses to give up. Summer manages to try for another pin but Emma kicks out again. Frustration begins to set in again so Summer forces Emma up to a stance and bashes Emma’s face against the turnbuckle and talk some trash, which Emma is having none of it! Emma slaps Summer, but Summer comes back around and hits Emma with a clothesline and beats Emma down some more. Summer pins Emma up in another hold while the WWE Universe cheers Emma on. Summer bashes the back of Emma’s head against the mat, executes a jumping leg drop, and goes for another pinfall. Emma kicks out at two. Summer chokes Emma against the middle rope until the referee breaks it up and then goes for another leg drop. Emma dodges it and begins to stand up in the corner; Summer runs towards Emma only to be met with a mouthful of wrestling boot! Emma hits Summer with an elbow followed by a kick off the ropes. Emma goes for the pin but Summer manages to kick out. The Australian then tries to go for a scoop slam, but Summer counters and hits Emma with the Summer Crush for the win.

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Paige and Emma are out first, (which I’d like to point out that Emma did no dancing whatsoever as she cascaded down the ramp) and it cuts to commercial. Returning from the break, Summer and Cameron make their entrance and it’s go time. Paige starts things off getting a few shots against Cameron before going for a pin and Cameron kicks out at 1. Cameron slaps Paige and tackles her to the ground. This angers Paige and Paige gets the upper hand before tagging in Emma. Emma hits Cameron with a kick, causing Cameron to roll over to the other side of the ring to tag in Summer. Summer comes in and Emma immediately hits a drop toehold and bashes Summer’s face against the turnbuckle, then tags Paige in. Emma and Paige hit a double backdrop and Paige hits a series of knees and a headbutt and goes for a pin fall. Paige tags Emma in and Emma hits a face buster and goes to throw Summer into the corner but Summer counters and tosses into the corner. Emma dodges Summer’s impending attack and hits the DilEMMA followed by the EMMA-mite sandwich. Cameron pulls Summer out of the ring for a timeout but Emma hit’s both of them with a kick before cutting to commercial.

Back from commercial and the tables have turned as Summer and Cameron are now in control. In the corner, Cameron hits a series of kicks to Emma before hitting her with a face buster and a running drop kick. Cameron goes for a pin but Emma kicks out before it even begins. Emma bounces back hitting a few punches but Cameron hits Emma in the gut with her knee and a throws Emma onto the mat with a pull of her hair. Emma crawls to try and tag in Paige, but Cameron stops it from occurring, taunting Emma in the process. Emma pushes Cameron back into the corner where Summer is standing on and Summer tags herself in; Cameron and Summer hit Emma with a double arm wrench, slap of the stomach, and a hair pull. Emma’s now on the mat and Summer goes for a pin twice, Emma kicks out both times. Summer and Cameron hit a double back drop and Cameron enters the match, putting Emma in a headlock. Emma struggles to get to her feet but both women end up in the corner. Cameron goes for a cross body but Emma dodges it and goes to tag in Paige, but Cameron blocks it and pulls Emma back over to where Summer is standing, tagging Summer in.

Summer uses the sole of her boot to choke Emma before the referee stops it. While the referee is busy scolding Summer, Cameron hits Emma which causes her to fall onto the mat. Summer then chokes Emma against the ropes and the referee stops it again, Cameron slaps Emma, and Summer gets a few jabs in at Emma again before setting her up in the corner. Summer takes a little too long to taunt so Emma is able to counter and crawl to the other side of the ring to tag Paige in. However, Summer stops it by hitting Emma with a blow to her back and punches Paige to throw her off the apron. Summer throws Emma against the ropes and Emma hits Summer with a series of kicks, tagging in an angered Anti Diva, Summer tags in Cameron. Paige hits a few short-armed clotheslines, a super kick, and goes for the pin which Summer breaks up. Emma tackles Summer and the action goes out of the ring for those two. Paige hits another kick to Cameron and sets up the PTO for the win.

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Paige began with Brie Bella. Paige got an advantage with a gut kick and headbutt. she yelled “this is my house!” at Nikki. Emma got tagged in hit some strikes and got a two count. Brie came back and brought Emma to her corner to tag Nikki. Nikki hit a shoulderblock for a kicked out pin. Emma came back with some forearms and hit a jumping clothesline for a two count of her own.

Nikki tried to whip Emma but Emma came back and eventually locked in the Dill-Emma Tranchula. Nikki came back with a arm drag into an armbar. Brie tagged in and hit an axe handle on Emma. Brie then started some chain arm locks on Emma leading to an armbar on the ground. Paige tried to rally Emma up. Brie continued her onslaught and got a pin attempt in. Nikki tagged into the contest and they double teamed Emma for a pin attempt. The Bellas isolated Emma away from Paige as they traded tags. Emma managed to turn the tables by whipping the Bellas into each other. Paige got the tag and worked many clotheslines on Brie. Paige then hit a superkick into a PTO attempt which Brie blocked. Emma got the blind tag and got a flying crossbody for a pin broken up by Nikki. Paige took out Nikki bella. Brie managed to hit the X Factor for the 1-2-3 for the Bellas…

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Paige vs Emma

Emma dances as Paige swings her arms. Emma gets kicked in the face. Paige headbutts Emma and sends her into the ropes for several knee strikes. Paige pins for a two. Emma is put in a lock as Paige digs her knee into Emma’s back. Paige swings her elbows in the corner. They trade blows, but Paige gets the last one in with a kick to the gut. Paige holds Emma in the ropes with her knee. Paige smacks Emma on the rear, but then Emma rolls Paige up. Paige stomps on Emma in the corner. Emma gets in a couple clotheslines and elbow in the corner. Emma locks in the dilEMMA. Emma nails a kick to the head, nearfall. Paige crawls to the ropes. Paige kicks Emma in the head and locks in the PTO for the win.

Winner – Paige

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