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About EmmaName: Emma
Former Names: Tenille Tayla
Real Name: Tenille Dashwood
Age: 26
Birth Date: March 1st, 1989
Height: 5ft 5in
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Trained by: Lance Storm
Currently Signed With: WWE/NXT
Bio: Emma has made waves on the indie scene since 2008 including stints for ECCW and womens only promotion Shimmer Wrestling. Carving out a name for herself in womens wrestling she's worked through Australia and Canada extensively. She is signed with the WWE and has recently returned to WWE's developmental brand (NXT) to reshape her character, dubbing herself as #EvilEmma or the #RealEMMA! While it remains to be seen on what the future holds for Emma, one thing's for sure: the #EMMAlution is here to stay!
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Emma is featured in Ring Sirens Magazine, March 2014 issue! Check out the scans above and in the gallery below. Also, be sure to visit RingSirens.com for more Women’s wrestling news.

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Emma vs Charlotte with Sasha Banks

The bubbly one, Emma is out first and is joined in dance by William Regal, Renee Young and now the newest adition to the #EMMAlution Eden Stiles!

Once Charlotte has made her way into the ring, the bell sounds to start the match. The divas lock up and Charlotte pushes Emma against the turn-buckle and shows her arrogance by tapping Emma against the head. Emma dodges an incoming clothesline and the Divas face off again before locking up, Charlotte attempts to work on Emma’s arm which Emma escapes, by taking a hold of Charlotte’s arm in a wrist-lock. Charlotte tries to escape with an arm drag but Emma keeps her grip and continues to work on the arm of Charlotte. Emma manages to capture Charlotte in a roll up for count of two as Emma dances her way out of Charlottes kick out. Charlotte hits a hard knee to the mid-section of Emma to start her momentum back up, Charlotte whips Emma into the corner, Emma reverses Charlottes incoming attack with a boot to the face followed by another roll up and kick out.

Emma attempts to whip Charlotte into the corner but Charlotte floats over and looks to injure her ankle. Emma’s attack is stopped while the referee checks on Charlotte and Sasha distracts her by climbing the apron. Charlotte see’s an opportunity to strike and her ankle is suddenly healed as she hits a hard unorthodox version of a neckbreaker for the final pinfall.

Winner – Charlotte

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Summer Rae and Fandango vs Emma and Santino

Once all four participants are in the ring, the bell sounds. Santino and Fandago are in first, well… that is after Emma and Santino have some fun high fiving each other in and out of the match. Fandango has enough of their game and attacks Santino.

Fandango remains in control for majority of the match before Santino doges Fandangos top rope leg drope, which brings an opening for Santino build some momentum allowing him to make his way to tag in Emma. Emma and Summer Rae both come in. Summer charges at Emma and is caught, Emma holds onto Summer leg, spinning her around to hit a couple of hard clotheslines. Emma attempts to throw Summer into the corner which is reversed. Summer then charges at Emma but is dodged, allowing Emma to apply the ‘dilEMMA opening up an opportunity to hit the EMMA Sandwich in the corner. Fandango comes in to cause a distractuion but is taken out by Santino meanwhile, in the ring Emma applies the EMMA lock on Summer Rae and that’s all she wrote.

Winner – Emma and Santino

After the match, there’s more fun and games between Santino and Emma as they celebrate.

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After a tough loss to Paige at NXT ArRIVAL, Renee interviews Emma which is soon interrupted.. check out the video below.

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Emma vs Paige: NXT Women’s Championship match

Out first is Stephanie McMahon, who talks about the future of the Diva’s division and introduces both Paige and Emma to the ring. The title is then raised by Stephanie while both Emma and Paige look on.

Once the bell rings, Paige immediately gets into the face of Emma.They exchange shoves as Emma finally has enough and tackles Paige down to the mat. Some chain wrestling goes on with back and fourth reversals before Paige manages to get a quick roll up, Emma quickly kicks out. Paige follows with a had drop kick for another quick pin and kick out.
A hard bodyslam by Paige manages to get her another quick cover and kickout. Emma tries to build momentum on her side before Paige knocks her back down into a headlock, grounding Emma for the time being. Paige attempts another bodyslam, but she’s reversed as Emma tries to run Paige into the corner, Paige escapes Emma’s grasp and delivers some hard elbows to the side of Emma’s head. Emma finally gets to her feet and manages to duck Paiges incoming attack and drop her to the ground.
Emma attempts to slingshot Paige into the ‘EMMA lock’ but Paige reverses and manages to get Emma against the ropes to deliver several hard knees to the face of Emma.

After some back and fourth moves by Paige, Emma finally manages to gain control, locking Paige up in the ‘dilEMMA’ against the ropes. Paige is knocked into the corner which leads to the ‘EMMA sandwich’ for a two count. Emma then grounds Paige, working her over with submission holds. Working on Paige’s back and shoulders. Emma throws Paige into the corner by her hair and lets out some aggression by stomping onto the chest of Paige. Emma covers Paige for a count of two. Momentum switches towards Paige for a second before Emma is back in control, Emma goes up to the top rope, where Paige attempts a super plex but is reversed by Emma who hits a hard powerbomb for a near fall.

Out of no where Paige hits the ‘Paige turner’ for what looks to be the final pin cover of the match, but some how Emma kicks out. Paige is shocked and confused but manages to pull out a submission called the scorpion crosslock which Paige calls ‘rampaige’ Emma taps out after trying to hold on.

Winner – Still NXT Women’s Champion: Paige

After the match, sportsmanship and respect is shown as they hug and raise each others hands.

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thumb_01_Emma_01202014ca014 thumb_02_SD_01212014ej_0381 thumb_29_EMMA_02242014jg_0122 thumb_18_NXT_12062012ca_1201

WWE.com have added a whole host of new Emma photos to her profile, including unseen Digitals as well as brand new studio shots, all coated in bubbles! Just in time for her NXT Title shot tonight, make sure you check them out!

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