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About EmmaName: Emma
Former Names: Tenille Tayla
Real Name: Tenille Dashwood
Age: 26
Birth Date: March 1st, 1989
Height: 5ft 5in
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Trained by: Lance Storm
Currently Signed With: WWE/NXT
Bio: Emma has made waves on the indie scene since 2008 including stints for ECCW and womens only promotion Shimmer Wrestling. Carving out a name for herself in womens wrestling she's worked through Australia and Canada extensively. She is signed with the WWE and has recently returned to WWE's developmental brand (NXT) to reshape her character, dubbing herself as #EvilEmma or the #RealEMMA! While it remains to be seen on what the future holds for Emma, one thing's for sure: the #EMMAlution is here to stay!
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Gallery: Home > Screencaptures > WWE > NXT > 2015 > October 28th, 2015
Gallery: Home > WWE.com > Digitals > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > October 28th, 2015

Emma (w/ Dana Brooke) vs Shazza

Emma shoots Shazza into the ropes. Emma sends Shazza down to the mat after a shoulder block. The two lock up with Shazza sending Emma into the ropes. Shazza drops down into a split, but Emma stops in her tracks and dropkicks her in the face. Emma whips Shazza over by her hair, than stands on her hair while pulling her up by the arms. Emma keeps whipping Shazza around the ring with multiple hair snapmares. Shazza tries to fight out of Emma’s corner onslaught, but she ends up eating an Emma-mite sandwich. Emma curb stomps Shazza, then applies the Emma-lock for the win.

Winner: Emma

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Gallery: Home > Screencaptures > WWE > NXT > 2015 > NXT Takeover: Respect – October 7th, 2015
Gallery: Home > WWE.com > Digitals > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > NXT Takeover: Respect – October 7th, 2015

Asuka versus Dana Brooke (with Emma)

Asuka offers her hand and Dana pushes it away. Asuka with a jumping spin kick that misses its mark. They lock up and Asuka with a wrist lock. Dana with a reversal. Asuka with a reversal of her own. Dana with another reversal. Asuka with a reversal into a hammer lock. Dana tries to roll through but Asuka holds on to the hammer lock. Dana with an elbow and she pats Asuka on the head. Dana slaps Asuka.

Asuka smiles at the slap and Dana does not realize what she has done. Asuka with slaps and kicks. Asuka with a flying butt strike and she mocks Dana’s pose. Dana pushes Asuka away. Asuka and Dana exchange forearms. Asuka goes for an arm bar submission and Dana tries to get to the ropes and she succeeds.

Asuka kicks Dana in the back and arm and Dana goes to the floor. Asuka kicks Dana in the leg and sends her back into the ring. Dana distracts the referee and Emma pulls the ring skirt over Asuka’s feet and Dana with a handstand elbow drop for a near fall. Dana with shoulders in the corner and she chokes Asuka in a handstand. Dana with a clothesline and she applies a body scissors. Asuka escapes and she applies a knee bar and ankle lock. Dana gets to her feet and Asuka with a German suplex while holding on to the ankle lock. Asuka runs into an elbow in the corner.

Asuka with an arm bar when Dana charges at her. Asuka turns it into a Fujiwara arm bar. Dana tries to escape and Asuka with a cross face chicken wing. Asuka with a round kick to Dana and Emma gets on the apron Asuka knocks Emma off the apron and Asuka with a drop kick to Dana.

Asuka with the crossface chicken wing and she applies a body scissors and Dana taps out.

Winner: Asuka

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Gallery: Home > WWE.Com > Digitals > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > September 30th, 2015
Gallery: Home > Screencaptures > WWE > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > September 30th, 2015

William Regal is in the office with Dana Brooke and Emma. William says that he has an announcement to make. While he was introducing Asuka to the NXT Universe, Dana and Emma interrupted the ceremony. William tells Dana that she has wanted to be taken seriously in NXT. What better way than to have Dana compete against Asuka at NXT Takeover. Dana asks if that is supposed to scare her. Did you see how Asuka ran out of their ring. She says that Asuka looked like a hyena with her smile. William tells Dana to take a look at Asuka and they show footage of Asuka and Dana is no longer smiling, or showing emotion, or breathing at a normal pace. Emma is not really excited either. William asks if they have anything more to say. Emma wishes Dana good luck with that and she leaves the office.

Dana Brooke and Emma vs Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

Dana and Peyton start things off and Peyton with a rollup for a near fall. Peyton with a crucifix for a near fall. Peyton with a La Magistral for a near fall. Dana escapes a slam attempt and Billie tags in and Peyton with a back heel kick and Billie with a round kick for a near fall. Dana kicks Billie away and Emma tags in. Billie with a head scissors and delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Billie punches Dana and Emma sends Billie to the mat. Emma slams Billie’s head into the mat and Dana wants to tag in. Dana with kicks to Billie in the corner and Emma tags back in and she kicks Billie. Dana tags in and they pull Billie out of the corner and Dana gets a near fall.

Dana gets another near fall. Dana with a body scissors but Billie lays back to get a near fall. Dana slams Billie’s head into the turnbuckles and Emma tags in and she kicks Billie in the midsection. Emma chokes Billie in the ropes. Emma gets a near fall. Emma kicks Billie’s hand to keep her from making the tag. Emma with a body scissors.Billie with a forearm and she gets out of the hold. Peyton tries to make the tag but Emma pulls Billie away from her corner. Emma with a punch and she gets a near fall. Emma slaps Billie a few times but Billie punches back. Billie with forearms and an Irish whip. Billie with a forearm to Emma and an elbow to Dana in the corner.

Billie with a kick to Emma and both women are down. Dana and Peyton tag in and Peyton with a jumping side kick followed by a drop kick. Peyton with a running spin kick into the corner followed by a back heel kick. Peyton misses a kick from the turnbuckles and Dana gets a near fall. Dana gets another near fall. Dana with a reverse chin lock and a forearm to the back. Peyton with a drop kick and she gets a near fall. Emma breaks up the cover and Emma sends Billie to the floor. Peyton sends Emma to the floor. Emma trips Peyton on an O’Connor Roll attempt and Dana with Cradle Shock for the three count.

Winners: Dana Brooke and Emma

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Gallery: Home > WWE.Com > Digitals > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > September 23rd, 2015
Gallery: Home > Screencaptures > WWE > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > September 23rd, 2015

William Regal is in the ring to welcome the newly dubbed Asuka. Asuka is really, really happy to be in NXT. After she signs her contract, Emma and Dana Brooke come out to the ring. Regal tells them they are being rude, but for some reason give Emma the microphone anyway. Emma and Dana proceed to speak to Asuka as if she doesn’t speak English. Emma tells Asuka that they are the bosses of NXT. Brooke tells Asuka that her career is going to be over before it even starts. Brooke and Emma tell Asuka that she needs to get out of the ring. Asuka begrudgingly obliges. While on the ramp Asuka stops and glares back at Emma and Brooke.

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Gallery: Home > Screencaptures > WWE > NXT Wrestling > 2015 > September 16th, 2015

Devin Taylor is backstage and begins to introduce her two guests, Emma and Dana Brooke, but Emma quickly cuts her off and grabs the microphone, telling Devin that the sooner she “shushes” the sooner Emma can talk. Emma begins to talk about how the new NXT Women’s Champion is back and that new girls are arriving. Dana then states that her and Emma are going to shake things up around NXT, then Dana says that playtime is over.

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Preluding the match, we get a promo with Team Disingenuous. Dana pretty much says that she’ll be sending Charlotte packing from NXT. But more importantly, she teases that she’s too busy to pat Devin on the head – only to do it anyway.

Charlotte’s decided to celebrate Throwback Thursday with us – as she’s donned her very first NXT outfit. It’s a rather nice touch, considering she’s bidding farewell to that brand soon. Dana gets in Charlotte’s face to begin with, which leads to Charlotte flooring her with an early big boot. She drops a couple of knees and even removes her pad for the third one. Emma distracts her, allowing Dana to take a cheap shot. Charlotte comes back with a shoulder block – but Dana sends her flying into the corner. She covers Charlotte for two and then puts on a body scissors. Charlotte powers up but Dana body blocks her for two. She chokes Charlotte off the ropes and then slingshots her into the bottom one. She now applies her modified bow and arrow submission, screaming abuse at Charlotte for her Tap-Out photo shoot. Charlotte creatively reverses into a pin and then dishes out the chops. Neckbreaker from Charlotte is followed by a spear. Emma tries to get up on the apron but Charlotte knocks her off and nails Dana with Natural Selection.

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